Sext Mask sexting anonymously

Safe Sexting and temporary photo viewing without exposing your phone number

Enjoy Safe Sexting with SextMask!

No need to download another app. Use your simple text messaging you already have on your phone for anonymous sexting without exposing your phone number.

Get Started

Enjoy sexting and Sneak Peek links using a free alias for your cell phone. To activate your phone, send a text message from your cell phone to with #Me in the body.

You will receive a text message back with your alias address that you can safely give out for anonymous sexting.

Sneak Peek Links

When you send photos with to a SextMask alias address they get converted into "Sneak Peek" links. When a Sneak Peek link is followed a webpage will display your photo for 5 seconds and then replace it and delete it from our server.  A Sneak Peek can only be viewed one time, and only by the person you sent it to.


You can share your alias SextMask address and others. They will automatically get set up when they send you a text message or photo link. The return address you receive in the text message will be their new SextMask address instead of their phone number. Everyone remains anonymous.

Multiple Masks

Create up to 3 new alias addresses per month. To get a new sextmask address just send a text to  with #New in the body.

You will get a message back from setup with your new alias SextMask address.  People that have received messages from your previous address will still see your previous address on new messages. Anyone that you have not communicated with will see your new address when you send to them. You can give out any of your SextMask addresses and they will all find their way to your phone.


It is easy to block a person from sending you messages. Simply send a text to with #Block extension in the body. Put their extension number in place of extension.

You will receive a text message back with confirmation that they are blocked. If they create new addresses with their phone, those will also be blocked from your phone. If you decide to unblock them, just send a message to their address and communications will be open again.

Get Help

To see all the SextMask commands available to you, send a text to with #Help in the body.

You will receive a text message back with the commands.

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